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Pen Jewel City

Communal living has always been the bedrock of our existence here in Africa; solitary confinement is a strange phenomenon in our societies.  Although urbanization is fast eroding this valuable lifestyle, we still find it very difficult to ‘chop alone’, party discretely , work in isolation…we just love to carry everyone along, share ideas, yes, even ‘shako’ a little, it’s all part of it! Truth be told, we are social beings to the core, and we flaunt it.


Recreating this communal lifestyle in urban settings and adding a touch of impeccable luxury has remained our inspiration for the development of The Pen Jewel City. Residential Real Estates the world over have one thing in common: Families. Take away the family and you are left with empty shells. Unfortunately a lot of residential estates are developed with fanciful shells without fully understanding how to meet the needs of the whole family.


The Pen Jewel City is a Real Estate development with an exciting & open vibe located in Mowe – Ofada, Ogun State. The detached bungalows & lofts, reflecting the traditional ethos of living independently and yet being attached, propagate community living among its residents.  It is ideal for those who like to live within organized communities where there is a respect for each other’s space & privacy. The meticulous attention to detail and high standards during the design are only matched by the far-reaching vision in presenting a first class family-focused Real Estate development opportunity during construction.  From its graceful & modern architectural design, warm inviting colors, spacious green areas & open playground for children and events, we have designed an estate with the whole family in mind.

The City will be made up of 800units of 3-bedroom bungalow with maids’ room.


Location: Mowe-Ofada, Ogun State
Completion Year : 2018
Total Area: 567519 sq ft
Total No of Units: 838

Prime Location

Mowe-Ofada, Ogun State


Features and Amenities:

  • Administrative office (To house Estate Management Offices, Supermarkets, Lettable Spaces (Retail / Office / Conference), Clinics, Crèche and more)
  • Large Market Area Bar / kitchen
  • Ample Children’s play area
  • Open ground for events
  • Green spaces
  • Good Architectural Design – including layout
  • Excellent Drainage System
  • 24-HourSecurity Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Independent Power Plant (IPP)
  • Tarred Access Road
  • Parking Facilities
  • Landscaping and Perimeter Fencing
  • Water Treatment Plant